When in San Diego, Do As the Tourists Do

I started the day by walking out the door of the condo and following the beach walk for 2 miles, down the beach, up the street, around Shelter Island and back. It was to be hike 31 at 4 very flat happy miles. Here’s what I saw. Who wouldn’t want to spend a lifetime here?

When I returned to the condo I decided that today I would embrace my inner tourist. Really I am not a fan of huge crowds, long lines, and lots of people blocking my photos, but occasionally I have to see what all the fuss is about. So I got myself together and we drove to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. This thing is incredible. It goes for blocks. There are vendors selling art, salsas, chocolates, hand crafted goods, clothing, hats, drinks, shakes, dips, meals, etc… It was crowded, but totally worth it.


We reached the end of the market when we happened upon Circles and Squares, a tent selling the artwork of David B. Cuzik, by none other than David B. Cuzik. I was struck by this particular piece. It reminded me of when I was a kid, my brothers and I would take all the cushions off the living room couch, and throw them around the floor when my mom wasn’t lookin. Then we would hop from cushion to cushion trying not to touch the hot lava until our mom would discover what we were doing, yell at us, and tell us to go outside. Who didn’t play Hot Lava when they were a kid? No one, I’m sure of it. So I had to have this when I saw it. I asked David about his process before making my purchase. I wanted to know everything about the print. He starts with a painted surface, he collages on top using manipulated photos and paper cut outs. His inspiration is usually the imagination of children. Perfect for a teacher of children who still thinks like a kid. The print I was purchasing is a museum quality print or an original. I’m sure I couldn’t afford the orginial. I purchased a 16″x20,” but he had smaller prints as well.  When I finally had it in my grasp I noticed that it was appropriately named “Hot Lava.” It was meant to be.


While finishing up our walk along the market I noticed this protest under way, and snapped a photo. It was a day or so after the shootings, hence the protest. I’m sure there were more all over the U.S. happening. Maybe even in San Diego too.


Taste testing all of the goods along the market wet our appetite, so we headed to Davanti Enoteca’s for some Italian goodness. I got this dish of kale on top of polenta with a fried egg, marscapone and cherry tomatoes. The food was delicious. Unfortunately the service was not. Seriously, it was terrible. We were left to wait repeatedly. We couldn’t have ordered more if we wanted because our waiter was non existent. It was a true disappointment. My hostess Yelped about it later that evening. Genius!

From here we went to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) so I could see the seals. What a cluster. We waited in a line of traffic so I could hop out and attempt to snap photos of seals without people in view. Here is what I got.

From here we headed back to the condo. It may not seem like a lot, but by now it was late afternoon. We chatted, I blogged, we ate dinner and I began plotting my trip back to Virginia. The return trip begins tomorrow. Am I ready?


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