Los Angeles- Part 3

Whenever I’m gone for an extended period of time I miss my animals. So spending time with the pets of friends is always a bonus. This is Ellie and she likes to have her belly rubbed.


Today was jam packed full of visiting fun. I had two separate meet ups with friends I hadn’t seen in ages. The first took me to Grand Central where we ate from a wonderful sea food vendor. I had Paella and it was amazing! There is a drumstick in there that fell off the bone and melted in my mouth. And, yes, that is Sriracha sauce in that little cup.


From there we took a stroll through the theatre district, past so many old abandoned art deco style theaters.  We ended at the rooftop bar of the Ace Hotel. The view was killer and so were the cocktails.


Then he dropped me at Union Station, and I hopped on the metro. That sounds a lot easier than it actually was. I had a tough time navigating the station. Then, because of rush hour I suppose, it took forever before my train arrived. I was about 45 minutes late for my next meeting with a friend in Santa Monica. She assured me that was standard for LA because traffic makes everything unpredictable, and not to worry. Whew! We started at The Craftsman Bar where we had a beverage and some tots. If you go to The Craftsman, order the tots and follow the condiment application directions given by your server. You will be happy that you did. That is also where we encountered my first fella trying to make it big in LA. He approached us, asked if we would listen to a recording of his music, which we did. He was all over the place, asking if I would come back to LA and be his lady, and telling us how he was going to be famous. Obviously we ran as fast as we could from him, which just happened to be in the direction of the pier! I had never been to the Santa Monica Boardwalk before so it was a must, as were the photo ops.

The night came to an end with a very long uber ride driven by an LA teacher who filled me in on Ed Direct, a website that lists education positions for LA charter schools. All you educators out there with dreams of meeting people on the rise to fame and fortune, Los Angeles needs teachers!!! 🙂


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