Los Angeles, Part 2

As an art educator and all around general fan of art, I relate LA to street art. Driving past the city center repeatedly confirmed my need to stroll around downtown and check as much of it as I could. Los Angeles is like one large outdoor art gallery. You can walk through all parts, although some areas may be works in progress and other areas may not be as savory. What drives my passion for street art is that EVERY piece has a message. And I like to seek out each message. I will now bombard you with only the chosen of my photos from the day, beginning with a large amount taken as we walked from our parked car in Little Tokyo through the Arts District and Skid Row. That’s right, there are more photos! Maybe I’ll post those another time.

We checked out a couple shops, including Sanrio of course, then stopped for lunch at Far Bar. I had a delicious turkey sandwich and lemonade. Food, drink and service were all wonderful. Then we checked out more works in the rail yard near Alhambra. These pieces seem to be more personal to the artists as well as to the neighborhood.

We wound down the day with a trip to the market to prepare for another feast. We filled our faces that evening, and followed it up with a mighty fireworks display.

Questions about the artwork above? No problem. Let me know, and if I don’t know the answer I will find it for you.



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