Los Angeles, Part-y 1

The above photo says it all. LA has the potential to party big time. I had never been to LA before, and I never imagined I would go. But I was on the trip of a lifetime and I had multiple old friends to visit, so why the heck not pop in for a few days? The first day of my visit took me from East to West. I met all sorts of new people, and a party commenced.

I met up with an old friend from high school, and the two of us drove to the home of another high school acquaintance. I met lots of new people, checked out their beautiful home, and also got to check out their super cool outside hangout quarters/earthquake shelter, which just happened to be the refinished air stream you see below. The gas tanks in the photo beside the trailer have been reconfigured to serve as ice chests. Genius!

We strolled down to the metro and hopped on for a couple stops. When we got off, we had only a few short steps to walk before arriving to our destination, the U R Art Party. This party certainly fed my inner art teacher. Not only was their art on display, and crafts being sold, but there were also several panels ready to be painted in a collaborative manner by anyone who grabbed a brush. I LOVE a collaborative effort. To make sure it was the perfect party atmosphere, there were drink vendors, shave ice vendors, a bounce house, and a dj. We hung out as the outdoor venue filled up. There was a cool breeze coming off of the ocean and lots of sunscreen being passed around.

Eventually we were all hungry, so we made the return metro trip to the house where wonderful foods were prepared and grilled as more people arrived. We stuffed our faces and got to know each other as the evening continued. Eventually we all departed; some to dance the night away and others to their respective places. I needed some sleep. A day of street art and fireworks was on the agenda for the next day, and I wanted to make sure I could make the most of it.


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