Adventure Time!

I decided to go on a little adventure with a drive along the coast. Ever since seeing a friend’s post on Facebook of a big rock in the middle of the water, I have been obsessed with finding it. And today I found it. This is Morro Bay and it’s the most darling place I’ve seen. It has a tiny beach town feel with lots of local business and the added bonus of having this crazy rock in view from every corner of the bay. I drove all over the bay, got coffee, checked out some art on display in the art walk. It’s definitely a tourist destination with a state park that was packed to capacity.

While in Morro Bay I completed my 28th hike! It was a short 2 mile flat hike that consisted of walking around the coastal area and observing the birds. Then, I ventured up to the visitors center and took some photos. Lunch time came up, and I was hungry. I made myself a salad with some leftover steak from the night before, and headed back to the raised platform trail I had just walked. I took a seat and enjoyed my salad.

Back in the car, I headed into the Los Padres National Forest. What a beautiful place. I looked around for a campground, but everything was full. Ahhh! That plan was foiled, so I ventured back toward the coast. I so enjoyed driving along the coast. Each beach is so different. I stopped in Montecito to put my feet in the water. That’s where I saw the signs regarding the potential health risk from oil in the air and water. I could smell it. There were others swimming and sun bathing there, so I dipped my feet in, but chose not to stay long. Back in the car I went to find a Walmart to stay for the night, but I never found one where I felt safe, so I wound up in an Extended Stay outside LA. The LA adventure begins tomorrow!




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