Shopping, Art, Juicy Eggs, and More

One of my favorite things to do in new places is visit the thrift stores. You’re always bound to find some local flavor. And in the case of Cupertino, you’re likely to find some amazing stuff for a great price. We hit up the Goodwill on day 3 of my visit, and I walked away with all kinds of goodies. If you’re ever in Cupertino, or Lani Kai, or Portland, or anywhere really, make sure to do a little second hand store shopping. You won’t regret it.

Later that evening the munchkin (aka, My-Perfect-God-Child) got to pick what he wanted for dinner. He chose juicy eggs. What in the world is that you might ask? Eggs fried with a runny yolk. Could that be the most adorable name ever? The display of dad giving a cooking lesson while son closely observed was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. I mean, just look at this adorableness.




Day 4 was jammed full of food and art. We took a drive to San Jose where we ventured into San Pedro Square for some delicious tacos. You can find all kinds of food here, and it’s all yummy. After lunch we walked over the the San Jose Art Museum (see feature photo above.) Taibamo had an exhibit up called “In Her Room.” It included a lot of animation and drawing. The upstairs held a compelling exhibit by Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo called “Border Cantos.” These two mixed music, photography, and found object assembly to demonstrate what life is like living along the boarder and the wall. Some of it is beautiful. Some of it is chilling. This exhibit will be one to stick with me for some time.

There were no tech stops today. Instead I got my oil changed. I have to make sure my car makes it the drive back. I love my car, now sweetly name Ethel after Ethel Mertz because I have an I Love Lucy obsession that started long ago. So I guess that makes me Lucy. After the oil change we had a great dinner and watched a couple Orange is the New Black episodes. It was the perfect visit to Cupertino, CA.


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