Tech Valley Part Two

Whoa what a day! Today we did a hike along the San Andreas Fault Line. Luckily no earthquakes occurred. And, no mountain lions were spotted. Seriously, after reading about how someone was recently attacked in Augusta County VA, I am now terrified that I will cross paths with one. Ack! We did read the sign before hand to make sure we knew what to do if we encountered one. Looks like you put your hands up and give them all your money. No, wait, don’t bend over, back away slowly, make noise…I wonder if pepper spray would work?

The hike was beautiful. There are lots of cool birds and fat squirrels long this trail. We did 3.6 miles and it is counting as hike 27 of my 52 hikes. Again, short hike, but in a new place with new fears to conquer, and I got a friend to come with me.

We followed the hike up with a fabulous lunch at Alice’s Restaurant. Yes, you can get just about anything you want. I had a bison burger with jalapeños. So messy. So delicious. I was hoping to pick up a postcard, but no luck here. Along our drive we spotted a Google car, and I had to get a photo. It’s recording for Google Maps of course. Check out the camera on top of it.

Following lunch we tried to find the Frank Lloyd Wright house near Stanford. It seems to have vanished. Then we drove past the house where Apple started. It must get a lot of traffic. Check out those signs. The people who live there must get super annoyed all the time.

Next we visited Scott at work, Netflix. I tried an It’s It (Yum!), met his coworkers, and got my pic in front of the sign. Unfortunately I can’t get it from my phone to my computer. What kind of techie am I? But I did snap these two. Hee hee!

Tomorrow begins day 3.





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