When in Tech Valley …

It’s official. If given the choice to listen to Blinded By The Light for the trillionth time, or keep scrolling through radio stations, I will listen to Blinded By The Light. This is something I never knew about myself. What is it about that song? Nostalgia probably. One of my favorite things when driving long distances to new places is scrolling through radio stations. A lot can be learned from local radio. You can pick up a midwest accent, learn about the local culture through a cops and courts report, or get a flavor for their ability to let the people take over with local and independent music instead of letting Clear Channel rule everything. I love running across a station that’s different. It makes me want to learn more about that town or state. So far the best stations I’ve come across have been in PA, Utah and CA. I also enjoyed some local news in Iowa.  Wow! What an accent.

I got to listen to one of those stations in California today as I finished the last leg of my 3000 miles to Cupertino. Before making it to the Cupe, I made several stops, because I was compelled. 1) to answer my parents’ text messages. 2) because I saw a sign for a PTC trailhead at Donner Summit, and had to jump onto it for a short time. OMG! I must hike a portion of this marvelous trail. I’ve never seen such a beautiful section of trail. 3) for coffee. 4) for gas. 5) for a Vista Point (See feature image above). 6) the end.

I made it to S&L’s house around noon. Lesley and I immediately sat down and started to catch up. Then I showered, because, well it had been two days. Because of the drought it was super fast, I promise. Then we grabbed a scooter each and scooted a few blocks to Apple HQ. Apparently this is the thing to do now. Not the scootering, but getting photos in front of all the tech company signs. So here is my Apple pic. Apple_Me

We followed that up by picking up my favorite god child, then dinner, then a show. We saw Flight of the Conchords directly across the street from Google HQ. I missed my photo op with this one. The plan was to get a pic on a Google bike. Each company has their own bike for employees to utilize whenever they like. They are everywhere. Google definitely has the most colorful bike. Apple’s is a very pale color. Netflix has a red bike. And so on. I missed my opportunity, and immersed myself in comedy and music for the evening with my dear friend. And that was day 1 in tech valley.


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