When in Doubt, Kitchie Coffee House

Somewhere between Lincoln and Gothenberg I lost cell service. I knew my parents were going to freak out if I didn’t check in with them, so I pulled off the highway and found a cute little coffee shop called the Lasso Cafe. I purchased a delicious cup of coffee to be consumed the next morning, and was able to utilize their wifi to contact my parents who were very confused as to how my phone wasn’t working off of a cell tower. I guess in Nebraska there isn’t a huge need for every location to be covered by every carrier. Anyway, I caught up my parents and a couple friends, then completed the last 45 minute leg of my drive. I had been a little worried about the campground being full after last night’s experience, and today was a 12 hour drive, so I had convinced myself that if the campground was full I would splurge on a hotel room. I was so very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful place on Lake Maloney with lots of open spots.

Seriously, I had no idea that Nebraska was going to be so pretty, and this lake experience definitely added to my enjoyment of this state. I found a spot along the water, and started preparing my dinner. A salad and a cup of awesome asian noodley goodness. As I sat eating my meal and gawking at the setting sun, my ears were assaulted with “Hey Tracy! Show us your tits!” I look out on the water to find a boat with several young men and women on it. The men were on one end of the boat, while the women were dancing on the opposite end. Tracy ignored the remark pretending she couldn’t hear him over the music, so he shouted again, and again she ignored him. Go Tracy! I hope she knows she deserves better treatment.

Moving beyond the previously mentioned display of dumb, I must say this place is great. It’s truly gorgeous, just look at my photos for crying out loud. And it only cost $13 to get a site right by the lake. They also have sites with electric hookup if you’re ever looking for a great place to have fun camping times in Nebraska. It was totally worth the 12 hour drive from Indiana.



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