Time to Stretch

Yet another state that I underestimated. Wyoming! You’re beautiful! The variation in topography made me wish I were doing more than just stopping for gas on the way through. I have got to make it back to Medicine Bow one day.

Next up, Antelope Island State Park on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. A total stunner. Why aren’t people talking about this place? It’s amazing. I chose the Frary Peak Trail and set off on the first real hike of my trip. Finally, my body was feeling and showing my lack of mobility, and begging for some movement. I knew there had been a significant change in altitude compared to what the elevation I was used to hiking at, so I was a little concerned that I might have some altitude sickness. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but I did have to move slower than usual and found the climb in the sun to be a butt kicker. I pushed myself as much as I could, but listened to my body when it said turn around now. So, at mile 2.2 I turned around. I was just one mile shy of making it to the peak, but my lungs were screaming and I was running out of water. So back I went. The hike was amazing as the landscape changed at every turn. Sometimes I felt like I was on the Lord of the Rings set, and other times like I was on a spaghetti western. I made it back to camp in time to watch the sunset, and fix a salad for dinner. Even though this hike was only 4.4 miles, I’m calling it #Hike26 of my #52hikechallenge. It may not be much, but this one meant a lot to me.

I had a pretty great site. The ranger hooked me up with a spot in a loop where there were no other people. Once the tourists exited the park for the evening, I had all the peace and quiet I could want. I woke with the sunrise and the sound of coyotes chatting, and rather than try to get a little more sleep in, I got up and started looking for wildlife. I drove around the island and found antelope and bison grazing in the cool morning light. I took a ton of photos of course. Then decided to try my hand at the pay shower. I put in all my quarters and got zero water in exchange. At 6am there was no one on site to ask for help, so it was a no shower day. I’ll get over it. Onward to California!




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