Holy Toledo!

Today I learned that Google does not know everything. And I just hand scribed that in a Google notebook that I got in a grab bag that I won at a Google educator conference. So, for me to say that it must be true! How did I figure this out you might ask? Well, something awful must have happened on I80 today just outside of Toledo. The interstate was closed in both directions from just east of Toledo to a bit west of Toledo. Somehow Google never updated to show that it was closed, so Maps kept routing everyone that was forced off the interstate back onto it. It was a perpetual game of Ring-Around-Toledo. The toll takers were telling everyone to get on 20 and take it to 66. So I tried that and sat still on 20 for a ridiculously long time getting very irritated. I finally threw up my hands and went rouge. Based on intuition, I turned off 20 and made a left onto what felt like a road that would run parallel, at least for a little while. This forced Google to create a new plan, and it got me out of the insane traffic and to the opposite end of the closures. Yay me! 5 hours later, (13 total driving hours for the day) and finally to my destination, I am convinced that had I not given up on Google I would still be sitting on 20. I only wish I had listened to my intuition sooner.

I arrived at the park on Lake Michigan to find that all the sites were taken by noon that day. Super bummer. After a long day of driving, finding a new campground was not something I wanted to tackle, but I didn’t have a choice. Luckily there was a list of local campgrounds at the front desk. So, I called one and they had openings. And they had showers. Score! Below is what my campsite looked like, what across the path sites looked like, and what the star of my summer show-my Honda Element/mobile home/bedroom looked like before dropping off some boxes at central office and leaving that morning. Tonight would be my first night sleeping in my car, a big test to whether or not I will be able to do this trip without losing my mind…completely. As I listened to the drunk college kids setting off fireworks and yelling loudly close to my sleeping quarters, I chatted with friends and family, wrote this passage, and let exhaustion take over. I turned on a fan to drown out as much noise as possible, attempted to meditate away the frustrations of the day, and fell fast asleep.


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